Source code for errbot.specific_plugin_manager

import logging
import sys

import traceback
from yapsy.PluginManager import PluginManager
from yapsy.PluginFileLocator import PluginFileLocator, PluginFileAnalyzerWithInfoFile

from .utils import collect_roots

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class SpecificPluginLocator(PluginFileAnalyzerWithInfoFile): """ This is a plugin locator (kind of filter in yapsy jargon) to match a backend. We have to go through hoops because yapsy is really aggressive at instanciating plugin. (this would instantiate several bots, we don't want to do that). """
[docs] def __init__(self, name_to_find): super().__init__('SpecificBackendLocator', 'plug') self._name_to_find = name_to_find
[docs] def getInfosDictFromPlugin(self, dirpath, filename): plugin_info_dict, config_parser = super().getInfosDictFromPlugin(dirpath, filename) if plugin_info_dict['name'] != self._name_to_find: # reject return None, config_parser return plugin_info_dict, config_parser
[docs]class SpecificPluginManager(PluginManager): """ SpecificPluginManager is a customized plugin manager to enumerate plugins and load only a specific one. """
[docs] def __init__(self, bot_config, category, base_class, base_search_dir, extra_search_dirs=()): self._config = bot_config # set a locator that gets every possible backends as a first discovery pass. self._locator = PluginFileLocator(analyzers=[PluginFileAnalyzerWithInfoFile('SpecificLocator', 'plug')]) self._locator.disableRecursiveScan() # This is done below correctly with find_roots_with_extra super().__init__(plugin_locator=self._locator) self.setCategoriesFilter({category: base_class}) all_plugins_paths = collect_roots((base_search_dir, extra_search_dirs))'%s search paths %s', category, all_plugins_paths) self.setPluginPlaces(all_plugins_paths) for entry in all_plugins_paths: if entry not in sys.path: sys.path.append(entry) # so backends can relatively import their submodules self.locatePlugins()'Found those plugings available:') for (_, _, plug) in self.getPluginCandidates():'\t%10s (%s)' % (, plug.path + '.py'))
[docs] def instanciateElement(self, element): """ Override the loading method to inject config :param element: plugin class to load. """ log.debug("Class to load %s" % element.__name__) return element(self._config)
[docs] def get_candidate(self, name): """ Find the plugin by name. :param name: The name of the plugin you are looking for. :return: :raise Exception: """ for (_, _, plug) in self.getPluginCandidates(): if == name: return plug raise Exception("Plugin '%s' not found." % name)
[docs] def get_plugin_by_name(self, name): # set a locator to narrow it to only one. self._locator.setAnalyzers([SpecificPluginLocator(name)]) log.debug("Refilter the plugins...") self.locatePlugins() log.debug("Load the one remaining...") plugins = self.loadPlugins() if len(plugins) == 0: raise Exception("Could not find the plugin '%s'." % name) if len(plugins) != 1: raise Exception("There are 2 plugins with the name '%s'." % name) if plugins[0].error is not None: reason = plugins[0].error formatted_error = "%s:\n%s" % (reason[0], ''.join(traceback.format_tb(plugins[0].error[2]))) raise Exception('Error loading plugin %s:\nError:\n%s\n' % (name, formatted_error)) return plugins[0].plugin_object