Source code for errbot.logs

import inspect
import logging
import sys

[docs]def ispydevd(): for frame in inspect.stack(): if frame[1].endswith(""): return True return False
root_logger = logging.getLogger() logging.getLogger('yapsy').setLevel(logging.INFO) # this one is way too verbose in debug logging.getLogger('Rocket.Errors.ThreadPool').setLevel(logging.INFO) # this one is way too verbose in debug root_logger.setLevel(logging.INFO) pydev = ispydevd() stream = sys.stdout if pydev else sys.stderr isatty = pydev or stream.isatty() # force isatty if we are under pydev because it supports coloring anyway. console_hdlr = logging.StreamHandler(stream)
[docs]def get_log_colors(theme_color=None): """Return a tuple containing the log format string and a log color dict""" if theme_color == 'light': text_color_theme = 'white' elif theme_color == 'dark': text_color_theme = 'black' else: # Anything else produces nocolor return ( "%(name)-25.25s%(reset)s %(message)s%(reset)s", { 'DEBUG': '', 'INFO': '', 'WARNING': '', 'ERROR': '', 'CRITICAL': '', }, ) return ( "%(name)-25.25s%(reset)s %({})s%(message)s%(reset)s".format(text_color_theme), { 'DEBUG': 'cyan', 'INFO': 'green', 'WARNING': 'yellow', 'ERROR': 'red', 'CRITICAL': 'red', } )
[docs]def format_logs(theme_color=None): # if isatty and not True: if isatty: from colorlog import ColoredFormatter # noqa log_format, colors_dict = get_log_colors(theme_color) formatter = ColoredFormatter( "%(asctime)s %(log_color)s%(levelname)-8s%(reset)s " + log_format, datefmt="%H:%M:%S", reset=True, log_colors=colors_dict, ) console_hdlr.setFormatter(formatter) else: console_hdlr.setFormatter(logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s %(levelname)-8s %(name)-25s %(message)s")) root_logger.addHandler(console_hdlr)