Source code for errbot.bootstrap

from os import path, makedirs
import logging
import sys
import ast

from errbot.core import ErrBot
from errbot.plugin_manager import BotPluginManager
from errbot.repo_manager import BotRepoManager
from errbot.specific_plugin_manager import SpecificPluginManager
from import StoragePluginBase
from errbot.utils import PLUGINS_SUBDIR
from errbot.logs import format_logs

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

HERE = path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__))
CORE_BACKENDS = path.join(HERE, 'backends')
CORE_STORAGE = path.join(HERE, 'storage')


[docs]def bot_config_defaults(config): if not hasattr(config, 'ACCESS_CONTROLS_DEFAULT'): config.ACCESS_CONTROLS_DEFAULT = {} if not hasattr(config, 'ACCESS_CONTROLS'): config.ACCESS_CONTROLS = {} if not hasattr(config, 'HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS'): config.HIDE_RESTRICTED_COMMANDS = False if not hasattr(config, 'HIDE_RESTRICTED_ACCESS'): config.HIDE_RESTRICTED_ACCESS = False if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_PREFIX_OPTIONAL_ON_CHAT'): config.BOT_PREFIX_OPTIONAL_ON_CHAT = False if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_PREFIX'): config.BOT_PREFIX = '!' if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ALT_PREFIXES'): config.BOT_ALT_PREFIXES = () if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ALT_PREFIX_SEPARATORS'): config.BOT_ALT_PREFIX_SEPARATORS = () if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ALT_PREFIX_CASEINSENSITIVE'): config.BOT_ALT_PREFIX_CASEINSENSITIVE = False if not hasattr(config, 'DIVERT_TO_PRIVATE'): config.DIVERT_TO_PRIVATE = () if not hasattr(config, 'DIVERT_TO_THREAD'): config.DIVERT_TO_THREAD = () if not hasattr(config, 'MESSAGE_SIZE_LIMIT'): config.MESSAGE_SIZE_LIMIT = 10000 # Corresponds with what HipChat accepts if not hasattr(config, 'GROUPCHAT_NICK_PREFIXED'): config.GROUPCHAT_NICK_PREFIXED = False if not hasattr(config, 'AUTOINSTALL_DEPS'): config.AUTOINSTALL_DEPS = True if not hasattr(config, 'SUPPRESS_CMD_NOT_FOUND'): config.SUPPRESS_CMD_NOT_FOUND = False if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ASYNC'): config.BOT_ASYNC = True if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ASYNC_POOLSIZE'): config.BOT_ASYNC_POOLSIZE = 10 if not hasattr(config, 'CHATROOM_PRESENCE'): config.CHATROOM_PRESENCE = () if not hasattr(config, 'CHATROOM_RELAY'): config.CHATROOM_RELAY = () if not hasattr(config, 'REVERSE_CHATROOM_RELAY'): config.REVERSE_CHATROOM_RELAY = () if not hasattr(config, 'CHATROOM_FN'): config.CHATROOM_FN = 'Errbot' if not hasattr(config, 'TEXT_DEMO_MODE'): config.TEXT_DEMO_MODE = True if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ADMINS'): raise ValueError('BOT_ADMINS missing from') if not hasattr(config, 'TEXT_COLOR_THEME'): config.TEXT_COLOR_THEME = 'light' if not hasattr(config, 'BOT_ADMINS_NOTIFICATIONS'): config.BOT_ADMINS_NOTIFICATIONS = config.BOT_ADMINS
[docs]def setup_bot(backend_name, logger, config, restore=None): # from here the environment is supposed to be set (daemon / non daemon, # in the python path ) bot_config_defaults(config) format_logs(config.TEXT_COLOR_THEME) if config.BOT_LOG_FILE: hdlr = logging.FileHandler(config.BOT_LOG_FILE) hdlr.setFormatter(logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s %(levelname)-8s %(name)-25s %(message)s")) logger.addHandler(hdlr) if hasattr(config, 'BOT_LOG_SENTRY') and config.BOT_LOG_SENTRY: try: from raven.handlers.logging import SentryHandler except ImportError: log.exception( "You have BOT_LOG_SENTRY enabled, but I couldn't import modules " "needed for Sentry integration. Did you install raven? " "(See " "for installation instructions)" ) exit(-1) sentryhandler = SentryHandler(config.SENTRY_DSN, level=config.SENTRY_LOGLEVEL) logger.addHandler(sentryhandler) logger.setLevel(config.BOT_LOG_LEVEL) storage_plugin = get_storage_plugin(config) # init the botplugin manager botplugins_dir = path.join(config.BOT_DATA_DIR, PLUGINS_SUBDIR) if not path.exists(botplugins_dir): makedirs(botplugins_dir, mode=0o755) plugin_indexes = getattr(config, 'BOT_PLUGIN_INDEXES', (PLUGIN_DEFAULT_INDEX,)) if isinstance(plugin_indexes, str): plugin_indexes = (plugin_indexes, ) repo_manager = BotRepoManager(storage_plugin, botplugins_dir, plugin_indexes) botpm = BotPluginManager(storage_plugin, repo_manager, config.BOT_EXTRA_PLUGIN_DIR, config.AUTOINSTALL_DEPS, getattr(config, 'CORE_PLUGINS', None), getattr(config, 'PLUGINS_CALLBACK_ORDER', (None, ))) # init the backend manager & the bot backendpm = bpm_from_config(config) backend_plug = backendpm.get_candidate(backend_name)"Found Backend plugin: '%s'\n\t\t\t\t\t\tDescription: %s" % (, backend_plug.description)) try: bot = backendpm.get_plugin_by_name(backend_name) bot.attach_storage_plugin(storage_plugin) bot.attach_repo_manager(repo_manager) bot.attach_plugin_manager(botpm) bot.initialize_backend_storage() except Exception: log.exception("Unable to load or configure the backend.") exit(-1) # restore the bot from the restore script if restore: # Prepare the context for the restore script if 'repos' in bot: log.fatal('You cannot restore onto a non empty bot.') sys.exit(-1)'**** RESTORING the bot from %s' % restore) with open(restore) as f: ast.literal_eval( bot.close_storage() print('Restore complete. You can restart the bot normally') sys.exit(0) errors = bot.plugin_manager.update_dynamic_plugins() if errors: log.error('Some plugins failed to load:\n' + '\n'.join(errors.values())) bot._plugin_errors_during_startup = "\n".join(errors.values()) return bot
[docs]def get_storage_plugin(config): """ Find and load the storage plugin :param config: the bot configuration. :return: the storage plugin """ storage_name = getattr(config, 'STORAGE', 'Shelf') extra_storage_plugins_dir = getattr(config, 'BOT_EXTRA_STORAGE_PLUGINS_DIR', None) spm = SpecificPluginManager(config, 'storage', StoragePluginBase, CORE_STORAGE, extra_storage_plugins_dir) storage_pluginfo = spm.get_candidate(storage_name)"Found Storage plugin: '%s'\nDescription: %s" % (, storage_pluginfo.description)) storage_plugin = spm.get_plugin_by_name(storage_name) return storage_plugin
[docs]def bpm_from_config(config): """Creates a backend plugin manager from a given config.""" extra = getattr(config, 'BOT_EXTRA_BACKEND_DIR', []) return SpecificPluginManager( config, 'backends', ErrBot, CORE_BACKENDS, extra_search_dirs=extra )
[docs]def enumerate_backends(config): """ Returns all the backends found for the given config. """ bpm = bpm_from_config(config) return [ for (_, _, plug) in bpm.getPluginCandidates()]
[docs]def bootstrap(bot_class, logger, config, restore=None): """ Main starting point of Errbot. :param bot_class: The backend class inheriting from Errbot you want to start. :param logger: The logger you want to use. :param config: The module. :param restore: Start Errbot in restore mode (from a backup). """ bot = setup_bot(bot_class, logger, config, restore) log.debug('Start serving commands from the %s backend' % bot.mode) bot.serve_forever()